Chisinau Revisited
Images from our two-year tour.
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City of the future. You are here. A little charm. The Blue Church.
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Downtown. The lights are much brighter there. Chisianu City Skyline. Optimal View. Post September 11th at the US Embassy Chisinau. Elpaso Restaurant. I'll pass on the Vodka Steak. Whoa.
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Our garden. Retouched. The city gate. Interesting neighbors. The Green Hills market. We shopped here.
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THis cool gypsy house was down the street from us. The Weatherwise Hotel. Cool name, Not a bad place. Ice Storm on our lane. Hooked a big one.
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Komsomol Lake in the center. (Okay, they call it something else now.) In the central market under the big top. Globalize and mobilize: Micky Dee Drive in. One street up from where we lived.