How to put a computer into an old radio. (Part III)
The Final Product

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Final_Product01 Final_Product02
Music box mode. Pulsing blue light (with the beat) is faintly visible on the keyboard under the box. Note Real Player's Anylyzer bouncing around to John Coltrane's Blue Trane on my thirteen year old Philips monitor.
Upgrade is planned.
Front panel open in low light. Full effect now from violet LEDS in power supply fan.
Can you stand it?
Final_Product03 Final_Product04
Front panel closed in low light.       Front panel closed. Note natty piping around mock speaker cloth. Only computer I know that has been upholstered. Completely nuts.      
Final_Product05 Final_Product06
Front panel open. Logo plainly displayed.       The finished product. I have exploded out the logo. MPSS USSR VEF Riga --- Baltika ---